Are you in search of PEACE?

While everyone can benefit from therapy, not everyone is willing to seek the help they need when they are struggling. Relationship Rocket Science Academy gives you direct access to a licensed professional and the flexibility to acquire peace in your own time and on your own terms. My students have unlimited access to video content, quizzes and thought-provoking homework that aids in transforming lives, marriages and families from the comfort of home!

What you can expect

This course is designed to give each student the basics on effective communication with an emphasis on my three pronged A.C.E. communication method.

  • Video content: Each video is no-longer than 15 mins. Students will receive the key points of instuction that will provide clarity and examples for maximum understanding.

  • Tests and quizzes: Not only will you be given the tools, but students will be tested on the most important take aways to ensure full comprehension of each concept.

  • Assignments: Students will be asked to continue to practice all they have learned in class through the use of assignments and "homework."

  • Supplemental learning aids: PowerPoints, external studies and relevant literature will be included to further the educational experience of each student.


Meet your instructor!

Jessica Webb

Senior Instructor

Jessica Webb is a licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach, wife and mother of three, business owner, writer, public speaker and relationship expert! In 2011, she founded Helix Psychotherapeutic Solutions, LLC, a thriving private marriage, and family counseling practice in Southern Maryland. In 2016, Jessica completed her first publication, Relationship Rocket Science: The Modern Woman’s guide to Understanding and Marrying the Modern (Traditional) Man. Rocket Science is an extension of Jessica’s ongoing work with single and married women who struggle with communing effectively and getting their needs met in their relationships. During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, she wrote and published a workbook via the Relationship Rocket Science brand, which focused on healing. Jessica has dedicated her career to educating, healing, and supporting her community, and Relationship Rocket Science Academy is her next groundbreaking effort to continue in that service. Its Jessica’s hope that Relationship Rocket Science Academy will reach more families, more marriages, and more people who need tools to reach their fullest potential!


“Jessica is a great! She has a way of saying exactly what you didn't know you needed to hear (and some of what you did know). She's very down to earth and her sense of humor puts you completely at ease. I highly recommend her for your therapy needs. ”


“Jessica has been a God sent! Her ability to connect with you from the moment you meet is so comforting and reassuring. As you embrace your healing journey, she will guide you with love and support while challenging you with wisdom and humor. She understands that laughter is good for the soul. I find myself repeating all the nuggets of wisdom from our sessions with my friends and family. She has the perfect personality and therapeutic style to challenge the myths of mental health and therapy held by the black community. I have referred a numerous amount of friends and colleagues who have all had the same amazing experience.”


“The tools and skills I've gain through my time with Jessica have been invaluable! I now know how to communicate with my husband in a way that keeps our relationship moving forward. I understand both him and me better too!”


“Life-changing, are the words I would use to describe my experience. I was given the tools needed to fully embrace my many roles and stand unapologetically strong in who I am. I learned how to build relationships and effectively communicate with others. Thanks to my experience, I am mentally healthy, living my best life. My household is thriving, my relationships are healthy, and I am happy. Thank you so much!”

S. Thompson